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Pink Tulip Love Pearl Necklace

Pink Tulip Love Pearl Necklace

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How to use

Tips: due to manual measurement, there may be subtle errors in the actual size of goods.
1. Jewelry is often replaced, and you should avoid wearing the same jewelry for a long time, especially in hot summer.
2. Jewelry is easy to be damaged when exposed to chemicals. The aroma during shower, chlorine in swimming, and salt in seawater will cause corrosion to the jewelry coating, so all jewelry should be removed before bathing or swimming.
3. Collision is easy to rub flowers, Store carefully. Do not overlap the jewelry together. Store it in the original packaging bag or in the jewelry box with independent small grids to avoid rubbing each other and scratching the surface.
4. Clean the jewelry from time to time, and use a soft fine brush to sweep the surface of the jewelry to remove the surface stains.
5. You can coat the metal surface with transparent nail polish, so as to avoid the contact between the jewelry and the air and wear it for a longer time


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